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Bradley Method®
Natural Childbirth Classes 

Course Content Week By Week

Introduction to the Bradley Method®, and to each other
History, philosophy and goals of the Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth. Ways to stay healthy and low risk, important pregnancy exercises.

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Which nutrients are important, in what quantities; Exercise review; discussion of sex during pregnancy; breastfeeding

Pregnancy: Discomforts, and how to handle them

Anatomy and physiology; common discomforts and how to handle them naturally; Choices faced during labor and birth

The Coach's Role

Coaching during pregnancy; importance of natural childbirth; bonding; father's role in breastfeeding; drugs, myths, and birthing

Introduction to First stage labor

Anatomy & physiology of 1st stage; built-in safeguards for mom & baby; basic coaching techniques, standard hospital procedures

Introduction to 2nd stage labor

Anatomy & Physiology of 2nd stage labor, stressing respect for natural process; basic pushing techniques and positions

Planning your birth

Consumer information; how to make a birth plan; what your choices and priorities are; First stage labor rehearsal

Variations and Complications/ Postpartum preparation

Various complications and how to avoid them, including Cesarean delivery; evaluating when intervention is necessary, handling these necessary interventions

Advanced 1st stage techniques

Advanced coaching techniques; dealing with 1st stage labor; Labor rehearsal; First stage study guide

Advanced 2nd stage techniques

Advanced labor rehearsal; Second stage study guide. Being sure you are well-prepared

Being a great coach/Are you ready?
Comprehensive review; Handling coaching challenges; Emergency childbirth; "What is labor?"

Preparing for your new family

Advanced labor rehearsal; Your labor and birth; Newborn care; mothering; fathering; breastfeeding