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Bradley Method®
Natural Childbirth Classes 

Experts on The Bradley Method:

"If a mother truly wants a natural childbirth and wants to deliver in the hospital, Bradley classes give her the best odds of achieving the birth she wants."

The Birth Book,(p56) by Dr. William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N 

What draws many mothers-to-be to the Bradley Method is that it has an astounding 87 percent to 90 percent success rate for natural childbirth, which is very high in comparison to other popular birthing methods.

Dr. Josh Axe,  DNM, DC, CNS

"In her [...] study of childbirth today, Morton found that with the exception of the Bradley Method, which encourages women to 'be an advocate for yourself and what you want,' most (childbirth classes) are focused on a similar acceptance of medical routines." 

Pushed by Jennifer Block (p166)

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Comprehensive Childbirth Classes

The Bradley Method® is the most successful method of natural childbirth, with a success rate of nearly 90%. Unlike many methods, The Bradley Method® bases it's success rates on a totally unmedicated, natural childbirth.  The Bradley Method® teaches mothers to give birth naturally, and empowers fathers/coaches to provide strong labor support for their partners. You will learn to give birth without unnecessary medication or interventions, and with the lowest possible risks to yourself and your new baby. 

Classes are held in the Arlington area of Jacksonville, in our smoke free/pet free guest house. Group size is small (4 or fewer couples) to allow for a personal experience, and personalized attention. 

Over the course of this 12 week series, you and your partner will learn the physiology and variations of normal birth, and be given the tools to be informed consumers and responsible decision-makers for you and your baby.  You will prepare your body physically for birth as an athletic event, and learn proper nutrition to stay healthy and low-risk, as well as how to coach a woman during labor, write a birth plan, and relaxation techniques for pain management and prevention during labor, and much, much more.  We'll practice techniques for all stages of labor and methods for dealing with possible complications. We'll discuss the things that can go wrong, how to avoid them if possible, and your the pros and cons of your options for each. 
Husband-coached childbirth

I first discovered the Bradley Method® 20 years ago, and have been grateful for that discovery ever since. There is no substitute for going into birth not only understanding how to birth, but having the knowledge to make truly informed decisions. The Bradley Method® has stood the test of time, and continues to give new parents the tools they need. 

Please join us, and let us help you to understand your body, your labor, and your choices so that you can make truly informed decisions about YOUR labor and YOUR birth.

A Few of the Things You Will Learn:

  • Proven natural methods for shortening your labor
  • Proven ways to avoid unnecessary pain during labor
  • How to write a birth plan
  • The pros, cons, and evidence behind common tests, procedures, and interventions
  • The physiology of the birth process: how to aid rather than hinder that process
  • Techniques to help you conserve energy and avoid unnecessary pain during labor
  • Proper nutrition to help you and your baby stay healthy and low-risk
  • Coaching techniques for a successful labor, including a difficult labor
  • The steps for informed consent (and refusal)
  • Which providers in our area are the most supportive of a natural birth - including breech, VBAC, HBAC, VBA2C, and even VBA3C
5000 Block of N River Rd; Jacksonville FL 32211